Denim designer/entrepreneur Scott Morrison announced the launch of his new denim brand, 3x1, in 2011. The name is derived from denim’s standard weaving construction, the 3x1 RHT (Right Hand Twill). ‘3 by 1' also represents Morrison’s third concept/founding of a jeans brand. His first company, Paper Denim & Cloth, launched in 1999 and proved to be at the forefront of the premium denim market. His second denim brand, Earnest Sewn, launched in 2004, and was one of the first to focus exclusively on American heritage products and incorporate 3rd party brands and strategic collaborations into his retail concept.

Following the success of his first two brands, Morrison sought to create something that could not be replicated, and at the same time, capture the uniqueness of New York City. 3x1 is inspired not only by the city, but also by the people, the heightened pace, the international culture and its manufacturing and apparel legacy. Their custom denim service, Bespoke, allows patrons to work individually with Morrison and his pattern-maker to create his or her own pair of jeans from start to finish. Their denim selection consists of more than 460 fabrics sourced from the rarest mills and selvedge looms.
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