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Hotel Paradiso | SUMMER'24 | ALÉMAIS-Debs Boutique
Pursuing the elusive embrace of a tropical island breeze, Alemais summer journey guides you to a sandy haven, where anticipation builds for check-in at Hotel Paradiso.
Taking cues from the secluded charm of Lamu, a vibrant yet petite jewel in the Indian Ocean known for its cultural fusion and rich traditions, SUMMER ‘24 introduces vibrant hues in fresh shapes and silhouettes. Embracing lightweight and eco-friendly fabrics, intricate detailing, and an array of prints, the collection captures the essence of this exotic locale.
Explore the latest collection online now and immerse yourself in the sun-kissed allure of SUMMER ‘24.

Pre-Order Items

Limited stock, unlimited style.


It should be delivered from approximately End Feb 2024. Will be shipped out the same day it arrives to us from Alémais.


The PARADISO SHIRTDRESS, showcases the brand's commitment to unique and sustainable fashion. With a reversible feature, gathered skirt, shell button cuffs, and concealed placket, this dress is a masterpiece designed for those who appreciate sophistication with an artistic touch. Meanwhile, The PARADISO SILK MIDI DRESS presents a sleeveless straight silhouette with a side split hem and intricate button and loop center-back closure, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and modern flair.



ALÉMAIS new collection brings us the glorious hubbub of bustling fishing ports and the colourful splendour of seaside island markets with a sensory swirl of cultures, ideas and traditions. The setting brings us closer to the nature of our true selves.


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