Latest drop: Alemais "Superhero" Pre-Fall Collection 23

Latest drop: Alemais

New Arrival: Alemais "Superhero" Pre-Fall Collection 23

We´re excited to introduce you to Alémais' latest collection “Superhero”, a celebration of exploration, discovery, and individuality.
This collection is perfect for those who love to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. With its bold shapes, vibrant colors, and fantastical designs, “Superhero” is a feast for the eyes. 
alemais superhero prefall collection 23
This collection is designed to take you on a kaleidoscopic excursion that will transport you to the farthest reaches of your imagination.
Designer Lesleigh Jermanus and Paris-based artist and illustrator Lou Benesch have collaborated to create a collection that fuses elements of the natural world with traditional folklore and symbolism. The result is a playful and grounded collection, featuring ballooning shapes, cascading drapery, and ruffled proportions that evoke a sense of buoyancy and joy.
“Superhero” collection's elemental tints of gold, turquoise, and azure bring to mind memories of sunsets and seas, adding to the dreamlike quality of the collection. But what really sets this collection apart is Benesch's hand-drawn illustrations of mythical beasts and fantastical creatures that inhabit the otherworldly horizons of our innermost imagination and dreams. These illustrations add a touch of magic and wonder to the collection, making it truly unique.
Alémais believes that individuality is a superpower, and “Superhero” is a collection that celebrates it in all its glory. So, why not join us on this journey and celebrate your uniqueness with these new arrivals? 
Visit our store today to experience the wonder of the “Superhero” collection for yourself. We can't wait to see you there!

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