Travel to Italy with Pierre-Loius Mascia Items!!

Travel to Italy with Pierre-Loius Mascia Items!!-Debs Boutique

Pierre Louis Mascia

Discover the Pierre Louis Mascia Collection. The collection’s mood and approach to color, intrinsically linked to the natural world, draws inspiration and impetus from the manifesto of the Bloomsbury Group.


Mascia launched the Pierre-Louis Mascia line in 2007, under the tutelage of the Uliassi brothers, owners of the Achille Pinto printing factory in Como, Italy, whose glorious history dates back to nine decades of excellence in the field. 

On this occasion we want to recommend that you visit this incredible city in Italy and its beautiful lake on your next trip to Europe.

Best thing to do in Lake Como


If you’re heading to Lake Como for the first time, we suggest spending at least two to three days there to really soak up the whole vibe. It can be tempting to try and cram everything into just one day, but that’ll leave you feeling all rushed and overwhelmed. Take it easy, enjoy your time, and give yourself a chance to truly appreciate the area.

These two outfits will be a must for your suitcase.  ALOE ABITO can be used for a daytime walk &  KURT ABITO for a spectacular dinner.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Lake Como, we highly recommend the mid-lake region. This area offers a variety of charming towns to choose from, each with its own unique appeal. The most popular among them are Bellagio, Menaggio, and Varenna.

Explore the Lake Como Villages

An excellent option to tour all the villages is to rent a boat and live a spectacular experience.

For a sailing day we highly recommend the ALOE CAMICIA MANICA LUNGA printed with an eye-catching pattern, its sumptuous texture and superior Italian craftsmanship will ensure you stand out. Also IN IVORY

Villa Carlotta, a celebrated landmark on Lake Como, offers you two distinct paths to explore its beautiful gardens. One route is less strenuous, while the other, slightly more challenging, boasts a steeper climb. Nevertheless, both trails reward you with breath-taking views of Lake Como, making the effort more than worthwhile.

Villa Monastero in Varenna offers the option to explore its beautiful gardens or delve into its house museum, although you can skip the museum if not of interest. The villa’s gardens are the true highlight, featuring stunning landscapes and captivating lake views.

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