What's New In Naturally Debs

The delivery man is almost becoming a part of the furniture here, like one of our timber totem poles in the window. He has been delivering us plenty of new stock in the last few weeks, and even as I type, the girls are pulling new Aldo Martins knitwear from Barcelona out of a box. 

We have also seen deliveries come and go with almost a complete sell out within a week or two. (Less than 10 pieces of Max Mara left!) 
Our trusty regulars like Sarah Pacini; her stretchy textured knits and metallic dresses never disappoint. Deep smokey purples and forrest greens are her colours of the season. 
Studio Rundholz brings us some amazing prints this season, with colours like blueberry and volcano featured alongside velvet flocking and added detail on everything. Rundholz is designed for the individual who does not need to conform. It’s experimentation with shape, structure and fabric means that season-on-season you are wowed by their creativity and insight. 
The fashion of Annette Görtz stands for clarity and understatement as well as the entire external representation - unobtrusive and focused on the essentials. The german fit makes it outline the body in all the right places, and the influence from her Japanese partner is evident in the almost architectural straight lines and shapes.
All of this is only available in our beautiful shop. So come down, grab a coffee and have a chat with the girls. We're excited to welcome Gail back into the team too! It feels like she just went on a little break, but she's back and will be instore on Monday for you to say Hi to! 



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