Chic patent leather ankle boots-Boots-forte_forte-Debs Boutique
forte_forte Chic patent leather ank... $890.00 AUD
Reaching just above the knee, this playful patent–leather ankle boot comes in glossy leather that will perfectly counterpoint a tactile outfit. a resolute piece of footwear for bold urbanites with a penchant for exotica. Details Leather (ovis aries aries) – leather sole (bos taurus)
Python print anckle boots in 3057-Boots-forte_forte-Debs Boutique
forte_forte Python print anckle boo... $945.00 AUD
A new pop icon bathed in silvery moonlight: this ankle boot comes in a python–skin–printed silver lamé material, giving it a sublime sheen that catches the light as you walk. Details Leather (capra hircus hircus) - leather sole (bos taurus)