Annette Gortz SS20

Annette Gortz SS20-Debs Boutique
With the new Spring/Summer 2020 collection Annette Gortz is celebrating the 35th anniversary of her career and presented her latest designs in a fashion show on the water at Langen Foundation Neuss - an art and exhibition centre made of concrete, glass and steel designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando.
The building itself is considered as the most important artwork of collector Marianne Langen.
Fitted in the topographical conditions of the surround ramparts and with a large mirror pond in front of it, art and nature are brought together in a unique synthesis. A perfect environment for the Annette Gortz fashion show.
The new collection is a tribute to the 100th Bauhaus anniversary. The impressive spectrum and concept of the art movement were main inspiration to the designer for the new season. Particularly characteristic within the collection are geometric shapes and integrated or printed squares, based on the series "Homages to the Square" by Joseph Albers and his design principle of three- and four-coloured squares in different sizes, which are superimposed or asymmetrically nested inside each other.
Also a part of a quote by Paul Klee "Intuition is still a good thing" can be found as print within the collection. It recalls the emotional intuition of the female wearer. 


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