BANJANAN Spring/Summer 2019

All made within a 5km radius, this collection will have you in the mood for summer fun, no matter where you are.
BANJANAN Spring/Summer 2019-Debs Boutique

BANJANAN by Caroline Weller

Derived from the Hindi “Banjaran”: ‘bohemian’, ‘nomad’, ‘wanderer’, ‘traveler’, ‘roamer’. Banjanan is based in Jaipur, the capital of majestic Rajasthan in India.

Banjanan is dedicated to supporting and sustaining the local textile community. With skilled artisanal craftsman in India as partners, every piece in the collection draws on the artisan’s unique expertise and generations of experience. Each piece is also embroidered, printed  and produced within a 5-kilometer radius. 

This season, the prints are inspired by the magical Palace of Quelouz just outside Lisbon, Portugal. Inside, a superb floor to ceiling tiled room depicts South American trees and birds. Outside is an impeccably landscaped garden with some of Europe's first pineapples and Mediterranean citrus trees. 

Our top picks of Banjanan will take you from a clifftop wedding, to lunch in Ibiza, to the supermarket with a pair of your fave trainers. 

You can find all pieces in-store now, or email us about any pictures below and we have free worldwide shipping!

Banjanan Banjanan

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