Cashmerism Autumn / Winter 2022

Cashmerism´s loose fit cardigan autumn winter collection 2022


Cashmerism delivers a subtle statement of everyday luxury for cashmere clothes and cashmere accessories in Australia and around the world, sourcing only the best cashmere from the vast highlands of Inner Mongolia and inspired by the kaleidoscope, like Melbourne's culture and beauty.
“Cashmere is not simply a material, but a philosophy and a way of life”
Each piece from the collection is designed deliberately and thoughtfully, with the hope that it brings you simple warmth, kindness and confidence. 
All Cashmerism garments are soft, long lasting and wearable, encompassing an honest and ethical mindset from start to finish. 
cashmere crew neck in vicuna by cashmerism autumn winter collection 2022oversized cashmere wrap in almond colour by cashmerism autumn winter collection 2022
Cashmere fibres are sourced from native breeders in Inner Mongolia's highlands and Ningxia's desert and semi-desert regions (Gansu Province, China).
Cashmere goats are hardy animals, thriving in stark conditions. In order to keep themselves warm during winter, the goats grow a layer of very fine and soft under fleece (The raw fibre of cashmere). When each goat starts moulting in spring, breeders and their family collect the fine under fleece cashmere fibres. The fibres are brushed using a special long comb, a process that is gentle and harmless. The outer coat is left intact, honouring the cycle of nature and preserving the integrity of each coat. 
Cashmerism´s practice recognises the importance of a peaceful and continuous cycle, fully respecting the naturally occurring fibres from the cashmere goat and encourages each goat to live without undue interference.
Breeder with goat in Gansu Province, China
The brand cherishes this natural world and hope they can pass their love and appreciation on to you, as owners of their garments.

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